Law Enforcement Division (LED)

  • Takes appropriate staff action on all matters pertaining to organized crimes, non-organized crimes and special laws
  • Prepares operational plans on anti-criminality operations
  • Facilitates the activities of the National Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (NALECC)
  • Takes appropriate action pertaining to firearms and explosives control and civil security matters


Special Operations Division (SOD)

  • Takes appropriate staff action on all matters pertaining to security operations for special events and diplomats  
  • Formulates policies and directives on security operations for special events and diplomats and monitor their implementation
  • Prepares related briefings and special reports on security operations for special events and diplomats
  • Prepares security operations for special events and diplomats portion of the annual PNP operating program and budget guidance


Public Safety Division (PSD)

  • Takes appropriate action on all matters pertaining to public safety concerns
  • Monitors, supervises, integrates, coordinates and facilitates activities on the following: Disaster (Man-made) Preparedness Plan and Transport Safety


Internal Security Operations Division (ISOD)

  • Exercises appropriate staff action on ISO matters
  • Coordinates and monitors operations against CTs, SPSGs, local and foreign terrorist groups, and other threat groups
  • Formulates policies and directives on internal security and monitors their implementation
  • Prepares the internal security operation portion of the annual PNP Operating Program and Budget Guidance and the Program Review and Analysis
  • Prepares operational plans on internal security
  • Initiates/directs the PROs and NOSUs for action based on reports as contained in the Daily Intelligence Brief


Statistics & Reports Division (SRD)

  • Gathers, collates, stores and consolidates statistics concerning operations, operational accomplishments
  • Reviews existing policies and conducts research on matters affecting police operations
  • Prepares the Operational Performance Evaluation Rating/Field Evaluation Parameters for PNP offices/units
  • Prepares periodic operational accomplishment reports and other requirements
  • Assists in the development, build-up and management of databases and provide support services pertaining to IT


National Operations Center (NOC)

 Broad Functions

  • Assists the PNP Command Group and the Quad Staff in directing, controlling, coordinating, monitoring and supervising PNP operations and other related activities within established policies and command guidelines
  • Establishes liaison with the AFP through the AFP Command Center (AFPCC) in connection with the requirements of the PNP for the successful conduct of current or contemplated operations
  • Establishes liaison with the Office of the President through the Presidential Situation Room (PSR) relative to monitoring of significant incidents
  • Establishes liaison with the NDRRMC relative to monitoring of disaster-related incidents


 Specific Functions

  • Coordinates and monitors all operational, law enforcement, investigative and disaster/crisis management activities of the PNP and consolidates all reports
  • Prepares the PNP Journal of Significant Incidents on a daily basis
  • Transmits to and receives from subordinate units messages and reports pertaining to operational, law enforcement, investigative and disaster/crisis management activities and relays them to the concerned offices for appropriate action and/or proper disposition
  • Prepares a situation report of all significant incidents/events reported by operating units for the immediate information of the SILG, Chief, PNP, TDCA, TDCO, TCDS, and other concerned offices
  • Prepares the initial letter for the President, endorsement letter of the SILG and the accompanying memorandum of the Chief, PNP of all QUAD significant incidents/events reported
  • Monitors the occurrence of significant incidents nationwide.
  • Functions as the National Disaster Operations Center in times of disaster/crisis
  • Prepares flight directives regarding the use of PNP air assets
  • Monitors the activation, deactivation, deployment and redeployment of PNP units
  • Initiates contact with the Regional Tactical Operations Center for their situation update and progress reports of significant incidents
  • Issue call out procedures on Crisis Action Force deployment.
  • Provides Secretariat to the PNP Battle Staff
  • Performs other tasks as directed


Spokesperson of the Chief, PNP

  • Provide information to the tri-media and other concerned agencies regarding the Chief, PNP's official activities, actions and other positions on current events or pertinent issues, through scheduled briefings, direct responses to media inquiries, press conferences, and interviews with the Chief, PNP and his Command Group
  • Respond promptly to any disinformation or false information affecting the organization
  • Prepare official statements on behalf of the Chief, PNP
  • Assist the Chief, Public Information Officer in the research and drafting of speeches and other materials for public events, whenever necessary
  • Perform other tasks as directed by the Chief, PNP
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