The Directorate Seal was approved by the National Historical Institute on March 2010.

Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle. The country’s national bird. It is the symbol of swiftness and ferocity, power and courage which best describe the PNP organization and in particular the Directorate for Operations.

Green Laurels with 17 Leaves. Represents the 17 Police Regional Offices. The laurel also symbolizes honor and dignity and the privilege of being a member of a noble organization where the call to public service is a commitment to public trust.

The three stars. Represent Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and the territorial integrity which the PNP must uphold and maintain.

Service, Honor, Justice. Distinct ideals for the officers, men and women of the PNP to ensure efficiency, integrity, cohesiveness, camaraderie, and equanimity to enhance community acceptance and support to attain its mission of peacekeeping law and order.

5 Blue Dots. Represent the National Support Units ASG, MG, SAF, CSG) under the supervision of DO.

Red, White and Blue. The traditional national colors that symbolize, bravery, purity, and loyalty, virtues that every Filipino must possess especially all the members of the National Police who are sworn to the profession that demands the highest ethical and moral standards of service.

Lapu-Lapu. Our national hero, the first to protect our land from foreign incursions, a symbol and embodiment of all the genuine attributes of leadership and service to country and people.

The Triangle. It represent the Three Tiered Defense System (Intelligence, Target Hardening and Incident Management), an operational doctrine conceptualized and formulated by DO.